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Hot N' Sticky Stuff.

Hot N' Sticky Stuff!

(Some of it is even made out of hot-glue!)

Please give these guys some love, and visit their galleries. Ta very much.


Aug 27, 2016
2:14 am
Aug 26, 2016
10:20 pm
Aug 26, 2016
6:18 pm
Aug 26, 2016
4:40 pm
Aug 26, 2016
3:54 pm

The Wall Of Shame!

These are the folks I've blocked recently, and the reasons why. Some have been blocked for personal reasons, and others have been reported to me by friends.

I'm doing this based on my own judgement and after serious consideration of each of the individuals concerned. I am not attempting to influence anybody else, but in doing so hope to inform and make DA a better and safer experience for those who are here to share art and make genuine friends.

questionmanLOL - 8 years and no deviations, but has collected a lot of cartoon breasts. No ta.

stranglove46 - collects images of young actresses and selfie-freaks and tells underage girls on here how much he'd like to meet them in person. So you work it out.

AthonyFlowers2014 - rude and aggressive towards a buddy. That's all it takes.

mfsarwar72 - A scam gallery that gives you a link to a virus or something equally as unpleasant. BE WARNED!

grassa48 - The content of his fav's collection (pictures of little girls in bikinis! Just NO.) Also, uses unacceptable terms like "spook" when referring to people of darker complexion! Do that and I will block you.

AnonymousBlackCatThief - Steals other peoples artwork and usually tells those who challenge them to "die of cancer". Repeat offender who closes identified galleries and reopens under a new name. Reported to DA admin.

ndatpm - A member for 4 years but in that time has contributed nothing and in that time only fav'd four iems. No id, nothing. Reason?

lixou - Sorry, but yet another one that has submitted nothing in three years and doesn't reply to messages. Why do non-creatives join up with DA? Why Lord, why?

BayuBaron and his group gallery LiliRochefort-Fans - Gives extremely offensive and unwarranted comments such as calling intricate traditional work "amateurish", despite his group being full of third-rate digital nudity. This was my advice to one of his "victims": "Don't thank this person. Did he just call your picture "amateurish"?
What a pompous jumped-up prick! Who in God's F**K, does he think he is? :rage:
Many of us detest how some of these group admin's elevate themselves and float above us due to the size of their inflated ego. This guy needs to gorge himself on humble pie, and should be apologising not to mention grateful that anyone wants to submit to his shitty group gallery."

xxxxx5555 - Nothing personal but please don't visit me if you don't create anything yourself within a year of joining. It's a thing.

pjm1992 - Some kind of empty spam gallery, like the Mary Celeste of DA.
sunmoon84 - Another Mary Celeste phishing boat of a gallery.

Emerald Flight - Utterly disgusting troll who leaves nasty offensive put-down messages to random artists and then brags about it to their watchers for fun. Horrible little smart-arsed egotist who should be run off DA altogether.

Muurgh2 -Another empty space. I hate the smell of spam in the morning.

TeamdA - I don't know what the game is, but it's just some kind of llama spam shit.

Kabeiros84 - A parasitic, non-contributory account set up purely to harvest points donations.

yudoderi - Blank page scammer who sends links in notes that lead to an empty page. Possible virus shit.

Mrmetaknight875345 - Because one of my most trusted buddies said he was a spamming, threatening dickhead, so It must have been true.

rzkf30 Notified as a predatory paedophile.
mmaordie Notified as a predatory paedophile.
chatty38 Notified as a predatory paedophile.
womoxefe Notified as a predatory paedophile.

izzy3D Keeps creeping back on my gallery despite being blocked for having an empty gallery. Go away, find a real hobby you can actually do, and develop some kind of an actual life for yourself.

TheHellsAngel89 Nasty treatening little hanger-on who tailgates other nasty commenters.
TheFunnySpider Leaves insulting comments without provocation.

shahid4u2 - sends links to a virus masquerading as a compliment. Insect.
FurSainty - "Fur" totally empty galleries creep me out.
UncreativeBot - What the fuck is that??? Some kind of automated spy thing? Shove THAT up yer butt!
DarkRiderDLMC - Said unwarranted nasty things regarding the quality of a buddy's work, so I'm told, the nasty, nasty person.
ssa57 - Fucking disgusting.
Krist85 - Bleurk... reported to me by an offended friend... Weirdo who collects girly pics and categorises them by estimated age! Pass the sick bucket....



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Heeeeeeere's Johnny!
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United Kingdom

When you're thinking - does your brain ever do THIS? :…


Yes I walk around somehow, but you have killed me, you have killed me.…

I'm just here to kick ass and chew gum...
...Or was that "chew ass and kick gum?"...
... My memory is not what it was! ;P

Recipe of the week:
Make yourself a nice Welsh country stew of dirt, sheep-poo and rain water.

Mood: Passive/aggressive. (Still count's as one.)

Catchphrase of the day: "A bird in the hand poo's through your fingers."

Best friends of the day: Haven't made up my mind yet.

Curse of the day: May your wood rot and your seed fall upon stony ground.
(And sometimes the name of the intended victim is hidden in the body of the curse, just for my own amusement).
And remember... If you can't say something nice, bugger off!

My entry for Worst Joke Of The Week.

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 26, 2016, 8:37 AM

What make of car do cowboys like best?...


Dance lessons 

When you are painting, do you accidentally forget and put the painty end of the brush in your mouth? 

9 deviants said Yes.
5 deviants said Potato.
No deviants said No.
No deviants said Other.
No deviants said What?
No deviants said Why the hell would I do that? I'm not three!

Honest True Scientifically-proven Fact Of The Day:

Every time you tell a lie, an angel soils itself. :(

A whole box of Red!

Ooh look! I made a clever red box! Sadly... I'm not clever enough to do anything with it, lol.

Word to the wise.

Basically the message is, be careful what you submit especially if you have kids.

Without going into details here, yesterday I discovered that one of the newer "watchers" I'd gained had a fav's collection that consisted mostly of photographs of little girls wearing bikinis, along with numerous other images of female bondage. A LOT of those images. That person is now blocked.

The thing is, as long as DA deem it acceptable to post dubious content under the cop-out of "freedom of expression" there will be those who shop here for their free porn. DA don't give a shit about all the mangled genitalia and torture porn that gets plastered on our screens every day. We are all aware that there are confused or deluded attention seeking teens who's "artwork" consists of naked selfies, and that is just one sad issue, it's their own version of psychological self harm, or manipulation, which will one day come back to haunt them providing they live they live that long and don't die of an overdose first.
But when someone collects random holiday snaps of other people's children, and then puts them in an album along with bondage material the line has been well and truly crossed. There is voyeurism, and then there is the intolerable.

I am not someone who starts witch hunts by naming names. We all create or fav' things that are open to interpretation, but most of us are here for the purpose of sharing art and supporting others. Sadly, there are some who are clearly here for darker reasons. All I am doing here is raising awareness of what is sitting there on the other side of your monitor, so that you or your children don't end up pasted into their disgusting little collections. Please be aware.

DA is just as dangerous a place as any other social networking site. If you are new to it, find a group of people you can trust, block people you can't, communicate and look out for each other.

Song Of The Day.

Here I am going to post an occasional song you should hear to make your life better and more fulfilled.

Added 06/06…
This song has launched a thousand children's charity ad campaigns. Stick with the video. It reminds you that you should really should appreciate what you have while you still have it.

Added 21/05:……

If you don't love this, you're a five star poopoo-head!

Good tunes.

(Swears warning - Some songs contain swears. Shhhh... Don't tell my mum. ;p )

Chick Habit (from Deathproof).…
Dream Catch Me.…
People Are Strange.…
Milkman Of Human Kindness.…
Wild Is The Wind.…
How Soon Is Now.…
Down With The Sickness.…


In Bambi, Thumper tells us of his mother's philosophy that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

She is one wise bunny. Let's all try to play together nicely.


If life is like a box of chocolates, Forrest, why do I keep on getting the coffee ones?

AND FINALLY on the concept of physical beauty:

Just because you look like a supermodel and are addicted to your own selfies, it doesn't make you a likable person.
Some of the prettiest people I've met are complete and utter assholes!

I think it was Lee Majors in The Fall Guy who said something like "underneath that pretty face, you're just another grinning skull".

Think about it.
So endeth today's lesson.


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